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Our story

To discover the origins of Bulsara’s Original Tandoori marinade, we must go back to 1965, when Chandu Bulsara, a poor Indian boy from a small village in Uganda came to London, England to study at the world famous Royal College of Arts. He had received an "open invitation" from the Dean of the College based on the merits of his fine arts work whilst studying in Africa. With no money in his pocket and living expenses to pay for, he worked in a restaurant in the evenings and studied full time in the day. But this was no ordinary restaurant: it was, in fact, the first Indian Tandoori restaurant in the UK and a hot spot for famous actors, celebrities and rock stars of the 1960’s, including The Rolling Stones and Beatles. It was here, under the guidance of one the world’s greatest Indian master chefs, that Chandu learned the fine art of cooking authentic Indian cuisine. His teacher was the same master chef that a year earlier, was the first to make Tandoori Cuisine in the USA, using a traditional tandoor clay oven at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. After graduating from university he went on to pursue a career in fine art, always working on his cooking skills, experimenting and learning new and innovative ways to cook. Fifty years later he would use all his skills and knowledge to create the most revolutionary Tandoori Marinade ever. Unlike most other tandoori marinades that have many steps to prepare, require additional ingredients and take 24 hours to marinade, this is the world’s only one-step, marinade that adds authentic Indian tandoori BBQ flavor to any chicken, meat, seafood, veggies or tofu in a matter of minutes, in one easy step.

Now you can create this delicious restaurant dish at home. 

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